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The monsoon winds that traditionally blow from early June until early September actually began in April and just died out at the end of September, but not evey year the same ! 3 years ago saw no rain for six months, only dry season. Fortunately, the rain hasn't affected the water clarity; on average, better visibility than usual. Overall the weather has been quite goofy, so when folks send emails asking about predictions it can't depend on any forecast every year. Only the scuba diving is dependably great.
But basiclly, diving in lembeh is possible all year round. Every winds come to lembeh have no rough at all cause all winds mostly cover by the island, so it is safe.

Water Temperature in lembeh strait

The lower visibility and colder water bring on yet more critters to see, but those conditions also cause complaints. For no matter how great the diving is, if a diver is cold, the quality of the experience is greatly reduced. Full West Suit is recommended. Relatively new 3 mm suit is often fine, and a hood makes a big difference in keeping warm. Our water temperature fluctuates between 25-30 degrees Celsius (77-86 Fahrenheit). Generally speaking we are 2 or 3 degrees colder than Bunaken.

Lembeh Strait

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