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How to reach Bangka and it's area :

A reservation is recommended. Not like Bunaken. Bunaken is easier to go alone. It will be a little difficult for you if you want to go by your self to the dive resorts you want to go. It is better you make the reservation to the one of the dive resort you want to stay so they can accompany you direclty. Some resort give you for free transfers and some resort will charge you the transfers.

How to Reach Pulisan
By car the trip from Manado takes 2 hours and we charge EURO 15,- per person. You need to book at least one day in advance at 0431-838185 or hp +62 811430744 or hp +62 81340175033.

From the airport it's a 1h15 hrs drive and they charge EURO 12,- per person.

By public transport. From Manado's Paal Dua bus terminal get on a bus to Likupang. At Likupang terminal change for a microlet to Pulisan/Kinunang. (Please note: doesn't operate frequently nor on Sun- and public holidays. Instead get yourself a lift on a motorbike for approx. 35,000,- Rp.). Or from Paal Dua bus terminal hop on a bus to Girian (Bitung) terminal and change for a pick-up open passenger vehicle to Pulisan (Kinunang subvillage) – very squeezy and bumpy! If you make your own way to Pulisan, please book in advance by phone 0431 - 838185 to make sure there is space available.

To go to the resort in Bangka or Gangga. From Manado's Paal Dua bus terminal get on a bus to Likupang. From Likupang there is public transport in the afternoon that goes to Bangka or gangga. If you ended with no boat, you will need to charter the local boat. Prices is depending on how good your bargain it :)

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