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Scuba Diving is a relaxing, exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Evidence shows that people in the world have been diving for thousands of years, either to hunt for food for their life, to seek out treasure, in the art of war or to simply observe the world beneath the waves. Have you always dreamed of diving down deep and exploring the oceans wonders, swimming with turtles, sharks or finding a long lost treasure? If you have you may want to consider scuba diving, but probably have some questions before you taking the scuba.

Every venture underwater is a new and exciting opportunity for exploration and discovery. The world underwater is full of beauty, wonder and excitement. Every dive gives us a glimpse of a unique and fascinating world which is very different from our own. If you have ever wondered what outer space was like, try being an Aquanaut first! Scuba diving can be lots of fun, relaxing and a great opportunity to make new friends. Learning to scuba dive can become the beginning of a lifelong adventure. It will literally change your life!

The first thing to consider before looking at dive courses is to determine how serious your interest is, will you be diving regularly or only once in a while. If you want try diving in Bunaken you do not need to get certified, as most companies offer introduction dives for first time divers. These are guided dives with a dive master who will accompany you to explore the reefs and the marine life. After taking one of these dives you will not be certified and can not go unsupervised, but this is a great way to decide if you want to continue diving and get certified.

If you decide that you do want to get certified, Bunaken is a great place to learn to dive and certification courses can usually be completed in four days with PADI OWD. Another option for visitors with not much time is to contact a local dive company at home and complete all your class work before coming to Bunaken. Then once you arrive you only have the fun part to complete, your open water dives and you are certified. While you do the course, you will enjoy the marine life of Bunaken island.


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