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Mv Paisubatu

Mv Paisubatu

Mv Paisubatu

Mv Paisubatu

safari dive trip in sulawesi - mv paisubatu ii

Our MV Paisubatu II is a comfortable 77 feet traditional Sulawesi wooden boat launched in 2006. She receives a maximum of 10 guests in 5 double cabins all equipped with their own private bathroom. Her large open deck area and her cozy wooden cabins are very appealing and relaxing. She cruises together with our 55 feet dive boat that carries the compressor and the diving equipment. Height crew members, two local dives guides and a western dive instructor are on board to care of you and show you the wonders of Sulawesi diving.


Our dive cruises offer various itineraries from 9 to 11 days  in Sulawesi. You will be able to dive 3 to dive 3 to 4 times a day  among the best dive sites in the world, enhanced by dreamy anchorages, terrestrial excursions on the islands, peaceful evenings at sea and nights of thousand stars.

North Sulawesi: Programs from 8 to 11 days including Bunaken national park, Bangka islands and Lembeh strait, as well as Sangihe archipelago for the longer ones. Central Sulawesi: the remote Togian and Banggai islands.


9 Nights --- Bunaken Popoh, Bangka islands, Lembeh strait
1287 €
11 Night --- Bunaken Popoh, Bangka islands, Sangihe islands, Lembeh strait
1595 €

Boat specification :

Length over all 25.5 meters
Width 5.3 meters
Engine Deutz diesel marine engine, 210 hp, 2002
Cruising speed 8 knots
Electricity 24 Volts network and appliances, 220 Volts plugs for chargers 24 hours available
Generator Fischer Panda, 4 Kw
Domestic battery 600 amperes, 24 volts
Fresh water 6500 liters
Guest capacity 10
Cabins - 2 double beds cabins
- 1 double bed + single bed cabin
- 2 twin cabins
All cabins with enclosed bathroom including WC, Shower and basin.
Crew 4
Safety Oxygen kit, First Aid kit
Electronics Depth sounder, GPS
Communication Radio VHF, satellite phone , Satellite modem internet connection.
Laptop available on board.

M/V BOBARA, Diving Boat, Technical Data:
Length over all 48 feet / 16 meters
Width 9 feet / 2.9 meters
Engine Deutz marine engine, 51 hp, 2002
Cruising speed 8.5 knots
Crew 3
Compressors Bauer Mariner, Poseidon PFU 135
Safety Oxygen kit, First Aid kit
Tanks 22 aluminium tanks 12 lts

contact :

Wallacea Dive Cruise
PO Box 136
94701 Luwuk
Central Sulawesi
Phone/Fax: (62) 461 324068

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