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How to reach to togian island

From Makassar :
- By plane, Makassar to Palu daily flights (1 Hour)
Lion Air and Merpati Airlines
- By bus or car Makassar to Ampana (24 Hours)
- Makassar to Poso by Litha Bus, leaves on 8 PM.
- Poso to Ampana by New Armada Transport, leaves 8 AM.

From Toraja :
- By bus or private car Toraja to Ampana via Pendolo/Tentena (14 - 24 Hours)
- Toraja to Poso by Batutumonga Bus, leaves on 8 PM
- Poso - Ampana by New Armada Transport, leaves on 8 AM

From Palu :
- By bus or car Palu to Ampana (8-10 Hours)
- Palu to Ampana by New Armada Transport, leaves on 9 AM

From Manado :
- By plane Manado to Luwuk 3 times weekly (1 and ½ Hours)
- By bus or car Manado to Gorontalo (12 Hours)
and boat Ferry to Wakaï 2 times weekly on Wednesday and Friday, depart at 20:30 Arrival Next Day before Midday by KM. Puspita (15 Hours)

From Luwuk :
By bus or car Luwuk to Ampana (7 Hours)
Luwuk to Ampana by Jawa Indah Transport, leaves on 8 AM.

All schedule can be change without notice before. Please check your resorts in togoian before you make a trip to Togian islands.

Source by : Kadidiri Paradise


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