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What to do in Sulawesi

an array of beautiful beaches dotting its expansive coastline,
pretty-as-a-postcard lakes, lush rice paddies, friendly and
accommodating locals and a unique culture just to name a few of
Sulawesi's other popular attractions. Accommodations here range from
budget hotels and transient rooms to those in the luxury range which
include marquee names in the hotel industry and a few worldclass
resorts. Check out sites such as the Vacation Rental People group which
offer great deals on villas and holiday homes which you can book during
your visit to Sulawesi. A place to stay in the island

After a day spent exploring the waters off the island's coasts, it's a
common sight to see tourists strolling along the beaches, people
lounging under the gently swaying leaves of palm trees sipping a
cocktail or nursing a beer. For the more adventurous you can hire a
local guide on a trek up Sulawesi's mountains or explore its lush forest
canopy. Exotic animals and endemic plant life can be seen here including
the saucer eyed tiny primates called tarsiers, colorful plumaged birds
like parrots and macaques, marsupials like the cuscus and a rare pygmy
buffalo which bears an uncanny resemblance to a deer. You can also opt
to go fishing aboard one of the local outrigger boats for fish you can
request the hotel you're staying in to cook for you either as a soup,
grilled over coals or as a ceviche which is a popular fare among the
locals here.

Guided treks to volcanoes, horseback riding, a hike to a scenic
waterfall cascading down the mountainside, a ride in a glass bottomed
boat to see Sulawesi's colorful fishes and extensive coral reefs, a food
trip to sample the island's eclectic cuisine and oh yes, the wonderful
diving - these and more are just some of the wonderful things one can do
and experience when you are in Sulawesi. The possibilities are almost
endless! You can be sure there is an activity or a location that will
surely tickle your fancy regardless of your budget. So what are you
waiting for? Come on over and visit enchanting Sulawesi today!

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